Marcello's Mystical Mind - Lost boys

Album: nincs kép
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Do i really have to take this?
It's all pouring down on me
I'm playing this game called life
Chasing harmony
Sometimes i have the feeling
I hate myself and don't want to live
Do i really have to take this?
No nerves to listen to bullshit and hypocracy
So don't make me
Please don't make me carry on with self-torture
I had countless pathetic, wasted years before
Why have we become a failed generation
Of miserable creatures in permanent angst

I'm just an average lost boy
Unable to throw away the pain
But wishing and longing to taste the rainbow again
I'm trying hard to remember
The times so desperately
When i still had the faith
Of not only trying but doing instead instantly
What happened to me?
Where did i go wrong, did i stop believing?
The wonders i have seen are gone with the wind
I lost my shadow, even lost the magic
Pan's sitting locked up inside of me

Where's the smile gone from our faces
Everywhere i look, i see desperate troubled minds
And heads all turned down to the ground
We're lost boys, we're lost boys who forgot how to fly

Where's the child gone in high spirits?
Everywhere i look i see empty blood-shot eyes
With dumb hope staring at the skies
We're lost boys, we're lost boys.

We've ruined the land where dreams are born
And time's never planned
I doubt that i can think of any happy thing left
So we're just boys, lost forever now

Where's the child gone, innocent and smiling
Who could rejoice in the things this world has to offer?
In a society that shoots and hangs his peter pans
What's still to come? Self-delusion til the end?
What's still to come? Self dellusion' till the end
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