Marcello's Mystical Mind - The thrill of the chase

Album: nincs kép
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I'm running away – get out of my way!
Something's after me
And it's getting closer
It's all in my head
Something's tracked me down
And i don't even know it

It's been there all my life
But i never realized
The significance
Of this constant angst
I think i'm growing old
But the answer's yet untold
How to overcome
Something that i still don't understand

How you wanna run and hide from something
You can't imagine at all
How you wanna overcome that feeling
That you're meaningless and there's something far beyond

How you wanna fight and conquer something
You have no idea how to call
How you wanna recognize if it's friend or foe
When you're scared of everything you don't know

Nothing in this world can last forever
Not even your feelings stay the same
Just that little something in the corner of your mind
Keeps whispering again and again:

You lost the game against time
On different levels you're doomed to fail
Surrender to the might of eternal change

You locked me in a clockwork and named me “hours”,
But centuries went by and i remained
You'd put me in a cage and played the master
As if i was an ancient beast ready to be tamed

You failed to notice but the tables have turned
Your life became a rat race
Tell me: who's the prey and who's the hunter
It's my turn now to feel the thrill of the chase

It's true, you're so right. Why waste time?
Into the same stream we cannot step twice
That's what makes us who we are
Come out of the dark and take me now, at last

But the times they are a'changing
And mankind's still around
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