Paddy and the Rats - Ghost From The Barrow video

Tales from the docks
Előadó: Paddy and the Rats
Album: Tales from the docks
Megjelenés: 2012
Hossz: 4:14
Megtekintve: Ma 1, összesen 35557 alkalommal




Pontszám: 15


She was daughter of chief
He was known as a thief
But they fell in love with eachother
Secret tryst under cover of nights
They made vows to another
On one foggy day, he was taken away
To be killed among the prison walls
When she ran off with him they were snatched suddenly
And till morning they hung on the gallows

Many years have gone away, even their mortal remains
Reminds noone of the unjust slaughter
They passed out of mind, just the chief of the clan
Lighted a candle for his daughter
But everyone has to pay for all the sins that they made
And a lover’s heart never forgets
A ghost from the grave did not accept the fate
’Cause the soul full of anger is immortal

Is heard a painful call from grave
Far far away, far far away
When the north wind cries his name again
It’s forever

He rose up with the twilight to take revange for all the sins
He came from the shadow to mollify his suffering
Moved by the rage, didn’t forget the sorrow
The endless pain created the ghost from the barrow

When the sky lost the sun
An innocent soul will come
For the guilty ones says oracle
Someone lost from the town
Just his kilt has been found
A cold corpse lies in the harbour
Bound with the dark
Starts his seven deadly nights
There are less and less of the traitors
And the pain still remains
’Cause the vengence can’t replace
His relief and the bate can’t save her
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